Paintball Zakopane - Wild forest fields - Professional Tournament Guns

Paintball battle in Zakopane

Paintball Zakopane

Paintball in Zakopane, a fantastic idea for a great adventure in the mountains!

Paintdoo Adventure Company has unique paintball fields in Poland in a natural, wild forest. During the games, you can quickly gain an advantage over your opponents not only with the help of many obstacles but also by using the natural shape of the mountain terrain, real trees, or forest bedding.

Professional, highly accurate tournament markers guns are waiting for each Participant. Plus, we have professional paintball balls – they break faster, which makes hits less painful, and you can focus more on great fun!

An experienced instructor will take care of the game proceedings and adjusts the game scenarios for the groups. His presence will make the paintball game into a real battle, where elements of strategy and tactics are also essential.

A camouflage uniform and mask are FREE for each Participant.

Paintball in the mountains is a great attraction that you must experience. It is also a great idea for group integration, e.g., a company trip, a bachelor or bachelorette party.